Electric Traveling Cascades prepare these vehicles (of arch, reinforcements etc ...) for embanking collisions without damaging the cockpit in order to protect the stuntman.

Electric Traveling Cascades has made unimaginable stunts with cars and trucks. The first take is always very good and therefore only one take is needed. Electric Traveling Cascades makes trials and tests before the day of shooting in a private park, and the stunts are regulated with great precision to achieve what exactly the film directors want, and especially to ensure the absolute safety of the crew.




"The priority for Electric Traveling Cascades is the safety of the crew."




Stéphane Boulay and his team are stunt professionals. They are well-equipped to be actors’ doubles. They replace actors in the scenes involving risk of injury or requiring special piloting skills.


Stéphane Boulay and his team specialize in all kinds of action scenes. Being actors’ doubles, they are dressed and have same hair style as the actors, they replace them during the filming of accident or extreme driving scenes.

Each stunt/ action requires careful and good preparation in order to obtain the desired images and to ensure the safety of stuntmen and the crew no matter it is for films, television, advertising or video clips.

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