Electric camera car for indoor and outdoor



The Electriccamera car has a double advantage because it can be used outdoor and indoor:


- It is quiet.

- No pollution caused.

- Powerful.

- Speed 100 km/ hr.

- Linear acceleration.

- Comfortable and flexible.

- Minimum load.

- Measurement: 160 x 370 x 150.

- Front and rear platforms are adjustable between 20cm and 50cm from the ground.

- Rooftop for fixing lighting, camera, etc.

- Left and Right platforms are adjustable between 20cm and 50cm from the ground.

- 500 kg load.

- Rear Floorboard 130 x 160 with 220 points of anchorage to facilitate the fixing of equipments (cameras, lighting, sound, etc ...)

- Non-skid flooring.

- Removable and adjustable ramps in Ø50mm aluminum are insured for the safety of the crew.



The Electric camera car allows to tow motorcycle, bicycle, etc...



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